Nantucket Seafoam Slipcover

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Fabric: 16126-69 Cotton/Polypropylene Washable Slipcover

TP: 19519-69


Can be ordered in 100s of other fabrics. 

A910-000 3 Cushion Sofa: L84 x D40 x H39
A910R-000 2 Cushion Sofa: L84 x D40 x H39
A910R-001 2-Seat Slipcover Sofa: L78 x D40 x H39
A913-000 Slipcover Loveseat: L63 x D40 x H39
A919Q-000 3-Seat Slipcover Queen Sleeper: L84 x D40 x H39
A911-000 Slipcover Chair: L39 x D40 x H39
A91-000 Slipcover Ottoman: L32 x D25 x H18