210 Appeal Azure Revolution

0.00 LBS

Capris Furniture

Pictured in:

Fabric: Appeal Azure Revolution

TP: Fish Blue

Fin: Driftwood

Can be ordered in 100s of other fabrics, including Revolution and Sunbrella options. 

Sectional Piece Dimensions:
C210-2 Corner Chair: 39"W x 39"D x 36"H
W210-0 Wedge: 48"W x 48"D x 36"H
H210-0 Armless Chair 1/2: 35"W x 39"D x 36"H
CH210-1 One Arm Chaise: 34"W x 61"D x 36"H
H210-1 One Arm Chair 1/2: 51"W x 39"D x 36"H
L210-1 One Arm Loveseat: 51"W x 39"D x 36"H
S210-1 One Arm Sofa: 75"W x 39"D x 36"H
Q210-1 One Arm Queen: 75"W x 39"D x 36"H
S210-2 Corner Sofa: 89"W x 39"D x 36"H