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ge_appliances_logo2Manteo Furniture & Appliance offers powerful, energy efficient ventilation systems in a variety of styles. With the right hood or downdraft unit: smoke, grease, and other cooking odors are expelled from the kitchen and the rest of your home

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Types of GE Ventilation Systems & Hoods we carry

Telescopic Downdraft System

The telescopic downdraft is a venting alternative to a range hood installed over a cooktop. When not in use the downdraft vent retracts down into the cabinet, leaving only a thin hinged cover showing. When needed it rises to a level about even with the top of most pans.

A telescopic downdraft is ideal when the cooktop is installed in a kitchen island or peninsula, and can be installed behind most gas sealed burner cooktops and electric smoothtop and induction cooktops.

Slide-Out Range Hood

The slide-out hood is a venting alternative to a typical range hood installed over a cooktop. When not in use this kitchen hood slides back nearly flush with the front of the cabinet, leaving only a thin, 1-inch strip visible. When cooking, pull it forward and turn it on. It even has a cooktop lamp.

A slide-out hood is preferred by many homeowners for their lack of visual impact on the kitchen design.

Stainless Steel Designer Hood

These high-performance stainless steel range hoods are quieter than traditional hoods, yet offer up to 600 CFM to remove smoke and cooking vapors from the kitchen. They offer ceiling mount, wall mount, or under cabinet style from your favorite GE styles like GE Profile or GE Cafe.

Standard Range Hood

The typical range hood as supplied by many builders removes heat, smoke and odor from the kitchen, with venting performance from 160 CFM to nearly 400 CFM. The blower may have 2 to 4 speeds and variable lighting levels.

Standard hoods are also available in a non-vented version. These hoods are not vented to the outdoors. Instead the cooking odors and grease are captured, filtered and re-circulated back into the kitchen.

Monogram Hoods & Downdrafts

High style meets high power in a Monogram range hood. 

A GE Monogram® range hood provides the power necessary to capture the smoke and steam produced by high-performance cooking equipment. All hoods are equipped with a variable-speed fan that helps reduce energy usage and sound levels by operating continuously at a low speed, reaching maximum power only as needed for boiling, sautéing and stir-frying.

A GE Monogram® range hood is not a mass-produced appliance. Crafted by Italian artisans, each is a masterpiece of handcrafted artistry fashioned from up to 18 pieces of stainless steel, all made to look like one seamless design. The steel is first welded and hand-forged to create a sculptural shape similar to that of a chandelier. The steel is then regrained so that all lines are going in same direction. Edges are buffed and polished until perfection is achieved.