GE Dishwashers, Compactors & Disposals



Top Features:

More wash power
Three pressurized, full-coverage wash arms ensure items are thoroughly washed and table-ready. Dishwashers with Three Wash Arms

Spotless silverware
Dedicated silverware jets spray pressurized water to provide additional coverage and improve cleaning results for utensils. Dishwashers with Dedicated Silverware Jets

Dry dishes every time
A heating element heats the air inside while a hidden fan circulates the warm air to help dry dishes. Dishwashers with Fan Assist Dry

Wash when it’s convenient with Wash Zones
Waiting to fill up in order to run a load is just inconvenient. Wash zones make it possible to run a half load in just the upper or lower rack—including 10 1/2” plates and silverware. Dishwashers with Upper & Lower Wash Zones

Say goodbye to pre-rinsing or soaking
Steam prewash uses powerful steam to loosen tough, baked-on foods, making it easy to clean without the need to soak or pre-wash dishes. Dishwashers with Steam Prewash Option

Cleaner water means cleaner dishes
The Pirahna™ hard food disposer helps to prevent large particles from clogging the wash arms by breaking them down so they can easily be filtered from the water. Dishwashers with Hard Food Disposer

We sell all of your favorite brands:

  • Monogram
  • Profile
  • Cafe
  • GE
  • Hotpoint

Types of GE Dishwashers we carry:

  • Quite
  • Sanitize Cycles
  • Wash zones
  • Automatic Smart Dispense of soap
  • Stainless Steel Interior Tub
  • Hidden Controls
  • Attractive Styling
  • Cabinet Panel Ready

Finding the right dishwasher is important! It should Free Up Your Time, so you can get back to what you would rather be doing, while having the peace in mind that your dishes will come out sparkling clean! The technology behind each unit may be hard to recognize from the outside of these appliances, so the staff at Manteo Furniture & Appliance is ready to match you with the right dishwasher for your needs. Pair it with our unmatched Service Department for installation and your good to go!

Ordering, Pricing & Availability:

Need help?

  • Our Service Dept can assist you with repair service and parts
  • Ask about an extended warranty when you purchase